101 Things to do in 1001 Days

Pink items are completed. Blue items are in progress.
Start Date: April 1, 2012
Completion Date: Decemeber 28, 2014


  1. Travel to a new state
  2. Visit a cattle friend other than at a show
  3. Attend MSU sporting event
  4. Weekend in East Lansing
  5. See Door County- Brown/Jones Wedding
  6. Visit a college friend- Visited the Wilson's new house in MI
  7. See my Danielle (sister) graduate from Purdue
  8. Go to cattle sale that I haven't yet attended
  9. Kentucky Derby
  10. Visit an out-of-state cattle ranch/farm (has to be someone's I haven't visited yet)
  11. Go to Las Vegas
  12. Do a Starr Sisters weekend


  1. Take a sailboat ride
  2. Go horseback riding
  3. Winetasting class
  4. Check cows in the pasture (3/5)
  5. Ferry ride to Michigan
  6. Meet The Pioneer Women (and have books signed)
  7. Packers game
  8. Help Mom in the greenhouse (2/4)
  9. Help clean the barn (2/4)
  10. Rake hay
  11. Eat at a new restaurant (2/5) Mountain Jacks, Curley's Pub @ Lambeau, Bread & Water
  12. Spend the day at a beach
  13. Cookout/campfire at home
  14. Go to a small town bar and enjoy the "locals”
  15. Plant flowers/veggies
  16. Take a vacation day and spend it doing farm stuff
  17. Mow the lawn- and plenty of it!

Domestically Inclined

  1. Frame backdrop pictures of Miley
  2. Make meals from Pioneer Women Cookbook (2/5)
  3. Pinterest DIY craft (0/5)
  4. Season II of decoupage pumpkins
  5. Learn to make Mom's Split Pea Soup
  6. Make Aunt Sally's spaghetti sauce
  7. Make a quilt
  8. Knit a pair of mittens
  9. Pinterest Recipes (2/5) 
  10. Find beef Pinterest meals (0/5)
  11. Make something to sell at the greenhouse
  12. Give homemade gifts (0/3)
  13. Make a birthday cake for someone - Birthday Pie for sister using Grandma's crust recipe
  14. Make something (food related) completely from scratch

  1. Learn 5 new facts about modern beef production
  2. Read beef.com and share on my blog (0/5)
  3. Learn about my family history
  4. Read the Advantage Newsletter (1/3)
  5. Learn to golf
  6. Read a new book (2/6) Reunion, 50 Shades of Grey
  7. Subscribe to a livestock publication

  1. Have 9 months pay into a savings account
  2. Save $2 for every goal completed
  3. Start saving for a new car- purchased
  4. Purchase the iPhone
  5. Check my credit score
  6. Save all of my tax refund (0/3)
  7. Use my craftiness to make extra money
  8. Don't spend any money on myself for 3 weeks (food, gas, bills are the exception)
Health, Beauty and Spirit

  1. Run a 10K (0/2)
  2. Run a 5K (3/7) Iola Trail Run, Packer 5K, Bear Creek Kraut Run 
  3. Susan G. Komen run (0/3)
  4. Take a yoga class
  5. MAC Makeover (0/2)
  6. Get a manicure or pedicure (2/2)
  7. Get the WiiFit
  8. Wake up at 6am for 1 work week
  9. Go for a Lakefront run (And will probably do it again:)
  10. Reach my ideal body weight
  11. Pray
  12. Go to the dentist (1/3)
  13. Exercise 4x/week for 1 month

  1. Give back to an organization that was good to me
  2. Help a youth in agriculture
  3. Write a handwritten thank you note (0/20)
  4. Write Aunt Sally each month (Apr'12, May'12, June'12, Aug'12, Nov'12)
  5. Create a tradition with my godson, Isaac
  6. Judge a youth agriculture event- Job Interview Contest @ WI FFA Convention
  7. Give graditude on my blog (1/6) Friends in far places
  8. Donate clothes I no longer wear (1/2)
  9. Call/Message five old friends
  10. Pay for the next person’s meal/coffee in line

  1. Join an organization
  2. Volunteer time at a youth cattle event
  3. Take a photography class
  4. Make a name for myself
  5. Learn something new that will help my career- Something are never ending learning:)
  6. Attend a new ag event
  7. Comment on my follower's blog posts (3/10)
  8. Promote agriculture using Pinterest

  1. Consolidate email accounts into my Google mail
  2. All out spring cleaning (0/3)
  3. Make a new cattle friend
  4. Meet a social media friend in person
  5. Keep up with my Brighton charm bracelet collection
  6. Make my bed for one week
  7. Get a passport
  8. Organize Pinterest boards
  9. Go to Bunco with Mom
  10. Vote in the Presidential election
  11. Watch a sitcom from my childhood
  12. Change my hairstyle
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