Monday, June 16, 2014

Little Black Dress Challenge

We've all been there. Wasting away an evening with a glass of wine, being suckered in to Pinterest. A spark of motivation hits when you scroll to the "Bikini abs in 30 days", "Flat belly workout" or the "Little Black Dress" workout challenge. It's pinned to the Fitness board, because honestly you will do it. If anything, you're Pinterest followers will believe you're stepping up for game for summer.
Well, a Spartan friend of mine had an idea to make these challenges become a reality. Meaning we actually do them. She put the 30-day challenge of her choice into a group text message to her sister and a friend from Nebraska. Challenge was completed. Word spread. I wanted in, and so did her coworker. Another 30 day challenge was completed. Word spread, more joined. Get the idea? So, this is how it works:
  • Someone in the group finds a workout challenge, shares it in the group text
  • When you're finished each day you text the group "DONE" or words of motivation
  • This encourages everyone else to do the workout scheduled for that day, because you don't want to be that person that doesn't do it!
  • Once the whole challenge is completed, it's up to someone to find a new challenge and more people can join.
Right now there's six of us. From Michigan to Oregon and a few places in between, we're motivating each other daily through our workout challenge text group. A couple I haven't even met and some I know quite well. One has an great blog you'll have to check out: Real World Sara.
Today starts my third challenge, this one is called: Little Black Dress. I'm sharing the schedule we'll be following for the next month. Will you accept the challenge, too?!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beauty Swap: Spring Link Up


Linking up late, but excited to share what I recevied in my #ccbeautyswap. This time I was paired up with Melanie, The Traveling Cowgirl and she totally out did herself! The fun makeup she sent me sure put me in the mood for spring, because mother nature she has taken her sweet time to warm up. Melanie must have read my mind and knew I was heading on a trip. The travel size products will be prefect for my trip to Colorado this week! Check out her blog post to see what I sent her. I love doing these swaps, it's soo fun "meet" other people and add their blog to my list! Also, shout out to Crystal Cattle and Dirt Road Charm for hosting.

Here's what Melanie sent.
A box full of goodies!
These make up wipes will come in really handy this summer!
And the powder will be perfect for protecting my freckles this summer!

I LOVE Burberry Brit and I've never worn Prada before. yippe!
And now this. THIS was the icing on the cake. I can't wait to drink my sweet tea vodka out of this!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Book Review: Lean In

Let's Lean In Togther.

A friend of mine recommended Lean In to me during a work trip a couple months back. The fact that the author, Sheryl Sandberg, was the Chief Operation Officer of Facebook was what initially sparked by interest to read the book. A majority of my career is spent working on social media, so I figured it'd be a good book to stay current on in the ever-changing world of social. HA, little did I know the positive impact, inspiring words and motivation Sandberg would share.
For me, the ticket to a good book is when at random points throughout the day, my mind wonders to the book.... the last chapter I read and what is going to happen next. A lot of ladies have read it in my office and I've managed to weasel it into several conversations. I'd recommend this to every women I know. Sheryl's message is strong and her story is definitely worth sharing. What I appreciate is that she calls it how it is, makes you think back to why you did something and then shares how women can have a seat at every and any table they want. Call me a nerd but I even highlighted certain points that spoke to me and may want to go back and reread.
I snapped an Instagram photo of this book before I turned the first page and my friends, Jamie and Taysha, asked for a review. So ladies, this post was for you and YES-- Go out, buy it and be  ready to be inspired!
Make sure you follow the Lean In Book on Facebook to continue the motivation after you're done with the book. Sheryl has also started a Lean In Community.      

Friday, April 4, 2014

Cowgirl Boot Mileage

Who's happy it's Friday? I am! And today's a good day to show off my boots. New? Nope, just resoled. You see these boots have put on a lot of miles over the past 5+ years. The stories they could tell if they could talk. Take that back... maybe it's a good thing they can't!
They've put on so many miles that the soles were completely wore out. Since they're full-quill ostrich, they were worth having resoled. Basically this is like when the treads on your tires wear out. Yes, the bottoms were balding and I needed a new set of tires! So this is how it works in my mind: since boots can be resoled it's OK to spend money on them... that makes them some sort of an investment, right?! :)
A shout out to Nigro's Western Store in Kansas. They have an awesome store-- even did a little damage when I was there last summer-- with a super cute clothes and one heck of a boot collection. But what really sets them a part is their customer service. Last summer they really took an interest in helping us find boots that not only fit but were comfortable. They also gave us tips on caring for our boots and how we can get the most mileage ;)

Check 'em out, and be sure to Like them on Facebook. A special thank you to my sister, Danielle-- she surprised me with the resoling as an early Birthday present.

Shined, conditioned and ready to
take on the world...round two!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Vote with your dollar

Forget about Chipotle

A couple weeks ago, I read a great BEEF Daily post that hit the nail on the head. A lot of us have been up in arms about Chipotle's stand on animal agriculture and our feathers were ruffled even more with their recent ad campaign, Farmed and Dangerous. So much of our attention was focused on Chipotle, not the good kind, that we forgot about the good other companies do. It actually made me feel bad for companies like Culver's. They have invested a lot into supporting our industry and have basically been overshadowed and placed on the back burner with media due to Chipotle's stand.

Vote with your dollar is a key take away in this post. After reading this post I needed a pick-me-up-- so off to Culver's I went with my coworkers to support an company that supports us. I love seeing the Thank you, Farmers billboard as I drive down the highway. It makes me proud of where I've come from and what I do. And let's not forget about last summer when Culver's donated a dollar to the National FFA Organization for every thank you note sent to dairy and beef producers who help raise the food Culver's serves.

My family's been an avid supporter of Culver's since the get-go. They originated in Wisconsin ya know, so there is one in just about every town. Sometimes Culver's is the only place we can all be in agreement on when we're in the car headed to a .....cattle show, cattle sale, wedding, Fleet Farm, Tractor parts store, Mall, Panache, feed mill, graduation/anniversary/birthday party, random meeting...well you name it, with my family we could be headed anywhere! My dad's favorite part of Culver's is the flavor of the day. So much so that he picks up the Flavor Forecast calendars at his usual "Culver's stops" across the state so he can plan his sales calls accordingly. Oh, the perks of being a traveling salesman, hitting up multiple Culver's for your favorite flavors of custard. Yes, flavor forecasts can be accessed from your phone, Dad just hasn't quite updated to that "type" of phone!

Monday, March 24, 2014

High Five for Spring

This post was actually intended to be a High Five for February post. But, since I've been MIA and busy it obviously didn't happen but the five things are too good not to share. So here are five things worth a shout out.

  1. Introducing Miss Charlotte Starr Johnson
    I have a new niece born February 10. I couldn't be happier about having a girl to spoil. All along Isaac insisted he was going to have a sister, and called her baby ham). We're happy he was right, otherwise my mom and dad would had to be the bearer of bad news to explain he had to live with a brother. Forever. Now out of the blue, Isaac has started calling her 'Charlotte Baby Ham O'Johnson'. Poor thing, she's going to have to put up with a crazy brother.
  2. Wisconsin Hereford Association-- Hall of Fame
    A week before Charlotte was born, my parents were inducted into the WHA Hall of Fame. It was so nice of them to honor my parents. A surprise to my parents, Lindsay and I did the introduction of them. We decided a roast would be the best route. Like any cattle family, we have a lot of good stories, that are just too good not to share. Thanks again, Wisconsin Hereford Assoc. for honoring my parents.
  3. Winter, yes it's still here.
    Will it ever go away? It's March and still no signs of spring. It's been long enough, we're ready for the temperature to rise. At least there are nice people my work who surprise you by cleaning off the snow on your vehicle. Yes, a mystery. It was such a nice gesture that I immediately paid it forward and helped the person next to me brush off the 6+ inches we were so lucky to receive.
  4. Escaping from the winter
    Luckily I got to get away from the cold and spend a week in California for World Ag Expo. A good tradeshow, tasty wine and comfortably being outside without a jacket is a win in my book.
  5. Back in shape
    And now that things are calming down, working out has made its way into my routine. And here's to sticking! Bader Rutter Boot Camp is back and I've also joined the Sweat Shop at SnapFitness. On a side note, my mom has started doing personal training through a Snap Fitness and LOVES it!

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I love this holiday, not as much as Christmas, but it's fun! I'm 50 percent Irish (my mom is the leprechaun :)) so we always look forward to a reason to celebrate our heritage. This year was much, much calmer than last year. Last year, we had a big family reunion/90th Birthday party for my great Uncle Ralph, the Happy Birthday video is a must-watch if you haven't seen it!
With the holiday falling on a Monday, it was a pretty low key day. I did however get to wear my Irish Guinness jersey, its once a year outing! And made chocolate-dipped pretzels with shamrock sprinkles-- which were a hit at work.

Luckily, I'll continue wearing green. For sure this week and if all goes well over the next couple weeks too. Not because of my Irish heritage but to cheer on the Spartans in March Madness. Before Thursday I'll have my bracket filled out and be ready to cheer on the green & white! What's your method to a winning bracket? I'm taking advice:)
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