Friday, April 4, 2014

Cowgirl Boot Mileage

Who's happy it's Friday? I am! And today's a good day to show off my boots. New? Nope, just resoled. You see these boots have put on a lot of miles over the past 5+ years. The stories they could tell if they could talk. Take that back... maybe it's a good thing they can't!
They've put on so many miles that the soles were completely wore out. Since they're full-quill ostrich, they were worth having resoled. Basically this is like when the treads on your tires wear out. Yes, the bottoms were balding and I needed a new set of tires! So this is how it works in my mind: since boots can be resoled it's OK to spend money on them... that makes them some sort of an investment, right?! :)
A shout out to Nigro's Western Store in Kansas. They have an awesome store-- even did a little damage when I was there last summer-- with a super cute clothes and one heck of a boot collection. But what really sets them a part is their customer service. Last summer they really took an interest in helping us find boots that not only fit but were comfortable. They also gave us tips on caring for our boots and how we can get the most mileage ;)

Check 'em out, and be sure to Like them on Facebook. A special thank you to my sister, Danielle-- she surprised me with the resoling as an early Birthday present.

Shined, conditioned and ready to
take on the world...round two!

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