Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Book Review: Lean In

Let's Lean In Togther.

A friend of mine recommended Lean In to me during a work trip a couple months back. The fact that the author, Sheryl Sandberg, was the Chief Operation Officer of Facebook was what initially sparked by interest to read the book. A majority of my career is spent working on social media, so I figured it'd be a good book to stay current on in the ever-changing world of social. HA, little did I know the positive impact, inspiring words and motivation Sandberg would share.
For me, the ticket to a good book is when at random points throughout the day, my mind wonders to the book.... the last chapter I read and what is going to happen next. A lot of ladies have read it in my office and I've managed to weasel it into several conversations. I'd recommend this to every women I know. Sheryl's message is strong and her story is definitely worth sharing. What I appreciate is that she calls it how it is, makes you think back to why you did something and then shares how women can have a seat at every and any table they want. Call me a nerd but I even highlighted certain points that spoke to me and may want to go back and reread.
I snapped an Instagram photo of this book before I turned the first page and my friends, Jamie and Taysha, asked for a review. So ladies, this post was for you and YES-- Go out, buy it and be  ready to be inspired!
Make sure you follow the Lean In Book on Facebook to continue the motivation after you're done with the book. Sheryl has also started a Lean In Community.      


Dirt Road Charm said...

I'm only on chapter 2 but so many of her points are so true in the Ag community! Good read so far.....hopefully the rest of the book is as good as the beginning! I will def have to check out the Facebook page! Thanks!!

Nicole Starr said...

Glad you are reading it, Taysha. Please let me know what you think. Yes, true for a community that is/was predominately men.

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