Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Vote with your dollar

Forget about Chipotle

A couple weeks ago, I read a great BEEF Daily post that hit the nail on the head. A lot of us have been up in arms about Chipotle's stand on animal agriculture and our feathers were ruffled even more with their recent ad campaign, Farmed and Dangerous. So much of our attention was focused on Chipotle, not the good kind, that we forgot about the good other companies do. It actually made me feel bad for companies like Culver's. They have invested a lot into supporting our industry and have basically been overshadowed and placed on the back burner with media due to Chipotle's stand.

Vote with your dollar is a key take away in this post. After reading this post I needed a pick-me-up-- so off to Culver's I went with my coworkers to support an company that supports us. I love seeing the Thank you, Farmers billboard as I drive down the highway. It makes me proud of where I've come from and what I do. And let's not forget about last summer when Culver's donated a dollar to the National FFA Organization for every thank you note sent to dairy and beef producers who help raise the food Culver's serves.

My family's been an avid supporter of Culver's since the get-go. They originated in Wisconsin ya know, so there is one in just about every town. Sometimes Culver's is the only place we can all be in agreement on when we're in the car headed to a .....cattle show, cattle sale, wedding, Fleet Farm, Tractor parts store, Mall, Panache, feed mill, graduation/anniversary/birthday party, random meeting...well you name it, with my family we could be headed anywhere! My dad's favorite part of Culver's is the flavor of the day. So much so that he picks up the Flavor Forecast calendars at his usual "Culver's stops" across the state so he can plan his sales calls accordingly. Oh, the perks of being a traveling salesman, hitting up multiple Culver's for your favorite flavors of custard. Yes, flavor forecasts can be accessed from your phone, Dad just hasn't quite updated to that "type" of phone!


Crystal Cattle said...

That's too funny. I like Culvers but the Boy and I have discussion about whether Culvers or Braums is better. Braums is another ready supporter of agriculture!

Nicole Starr said...

I've never heard from Braums. Is that an Iowa thing? If so, I'll have to check it out next time I'm driving through.

Crystal Cattle said...

It is actually an Oklahoma thing and there are some in Kansas too. I wish they were in Iowa!

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