Monday, March 24, 2014

High Five for Spring

This post was actually intended to be a High Five for February post. But, since I've been MIA and busy it obviously didn't happen but the five things are too good not to share. So here are five things worth a shout out.

  1. Introducing Miss Charlotte Starr Johnson
    I have a new niece born February 10. I couldn't be happier about having a girl to spoil. All along Isaac insisted he was going to have a sister, and called her baby ham). We're happy he was right, otherwise my mom and dad would had to be the bearer of bad news to explain he had to live with a brother. Forever. Now out of the blue, Isaac has started calling her 'Charlotte Baby Ham O'Johnson'. Poor thing, she's going to have to put up with a crazy brother.
  2. Wisconsin Hereford Association-- Hall of Fame
    A week before Charlotte was born, my parents were inducted into the WHA Hall of Fame. It was so nice of them to honor my parents. A surprise to my parents, Lindsay and I did the introduction of them. We decided a roast would be the best route. Like any cattle family, we have a lot of good stories, that are just too good not to share. Thanks again, Wisconsin Hereford Assoc. for honoring my parents.
  3. Winter, yes it's still here.
    Will it ever go away? It's March and still no signs of spring. It's been long enough, we're ready for the temperature to rise. At least there are nice people my work who surprise you by cleaning off the snow on your vehicle. Yes, a mystery. It was such a nice gesture that I immediately paid it forward and helped the person next to me brush off the 6+ inches we were so lucky to receive.
  4. Escaping from the winter
    Luckily I got to get away from the cold and spend a week in California for World Ag Expo. A good tradeshow, tasty wine and comfortably being outside without a jacket is a win in my book.
  5. Back in shape
    And now that things are calming down, working out has made its way into my routine. And here's to sticking! Bader Rutter Boot Camp is back and I've also joined the Sweat Shop at SnapFitness. On a side note, my mom has started doing personal training through a Snap Fitness and LOVES it!


Crystal Cattle said...

I am really hoping that April will finally bring warm temperatures. Congrats on the new addition to the family and that's really cool your family was honored. Hopefully, we'll see you this summer on our annual JNHE trip!

NicoleStarr said...

Thanks, Crystal!! I think PA is in our future for July-- we sold a heifer that is going. Hope all is well and that you guys didn't get too much snow with the recent IA storm :)

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