Monday, March 11, 2013

Irish Birthday Celebrations

Hurley Family Reunion -- St. Patrick's Day Style

Last Friday I cut out of work early for an Irish family reunion and wouldn't have missed it for the word. You see, my GREAT Aunt Sally and cousin Kathleen were visiting from Virginia. So a reunion was in order and we just so happened to celebrate a few birthdays. My Great Aunt Sally will be 88 on St. Patrick's (how lucky, I know!) and Great Uncle Ralph just turned 90. The birthdays in combination with family home called for a big party. The basement of my mom's cousin house was packed with people (most whom I didn't even know their names), but it didn't matter we knew we were related in some way, shape or form. Since the Hurley Family loves St. Patrick's Day we decided to get a head start on celebrating our Irish heritage.

You know you're Irish when..... you pack your flashing shamrock jewelry
just in case there's a party when you're coming home to Wisconsin. Aunt Sally,
my pen pal since before I could write, and Uncle Ralph are siblings. And remember my
Aunt Jo who makes jam? She's also their sister.   

I hope their good Irish genes are passed down to me! Over and over Aunt Sally (who is turning 88)
said, "Wow, I mean Ralph (her brother) really looks and gets around good for being 90 and all!" 
Talk about calling the kettle black.

I've always known (and been proud at the fact) that I am 50 percent Irish. But it didn't occur
to me just how true these genes were (and how lucky I am) until we were all gathered
around in our best Irish attire; telling stories, laughing ourselves silly, drinking beer and
SINGING. Enjoy the grand this grand finale! 

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