Thursday, March 7, 2013

China Talk

Kate Spade China Collection

There's a lot of weddings coming up this summer and fall, and I'm looking forward to all of them. Besides the actual wedding I love seeing what the bride registered for. In my mind, the thought of registering at Macy's or Bed Bath & Beyond would be one dangerous unlimited shopping spree. However, seeings how I don't even have a boyfriend right now, registering is a long ways off. So there's time to get my shopping spree condition under control. But if I were registering, this Kate Spade china would be getting scanned and onto my list. Mom and I found this set in Macy's while shopping off a bride's registry a few weekends ago.

 Hello, my name is Nicole and I'm a total pok-a-dot-aholic. Love 'em, they're me. Oh the dinner parties I'd (oh yes and my pretend husband) would have with these. If you're not into pok-a-dots, she  has quite the china collection- check it out if you're in the china market or are like me and just dream.
Lately, I've noticed that some brides aren't registering for china. Is china a thing of the past? A lot of people have it and don't use it because it's "expensive", and should be saved for "special occasions". I'd say if you got it you might as well use it. Why not make a random week day a special occasion once in awhile? Or dust them off and fancify a brunch. By the way.....fancifying a brunch means using china and drinking mimosas! 

Are you the owner of any china? Share your thoughts below.



Melissa said...

My friend received that pattern of china for her wedding!

I worked at a bridal store for years that sold registry items. We opted to not go for china simply because we registered for Fiesta wear (long lasting and super durable) and a fun pattern of pottery from BBB. My grandmother has four sets of china that I'm sure will be passed down to me at some point so I thought I would rather have a family heirloom like that than my own.

Nicole Starr said...

Family heirlooms have so much more meaning! I love Fiesta. My sister registered for that too. Recently I saw they have tall glasses and silverware, is that new to Fiesta?

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