Monday, February 21, 2011

Healthy Beef Mondays: A Complete Meal/ National FFA Week-The Official Corduroy Jacket

You're in luck it's a two for one night (I apologize in advance for the length). In keeping with my Healthy Beef Mondays I'm sharing with you an excellent recipe I made over the weekend, while also putting an FFA twist on all of this week's posts in honor of National FFA Week.
The Complete Meal (that's also winter's favorite soup) is...... CHILI. What better way to warm up after a long evening of feeding cows, bedding the barn, and messing with calves that need attention. Who'd resist an evening of warm comfort food, sitting by the fireplace and maybe tuning into the Monday night episode of The Bachelor. This Chili recipe is brought to us from Chef Janet Reilly. There's no exact recipe or measurements so you can't screw it up, throw the following ingredients in a stock pot, heat on the stove and serve. Include: 1 1/2 pounds 95% Lean Ground Beef, 1 large can V8 Tomato Juice, 1 can crushed tomatoes, 1 can chili beans (mild), 1/2 chopped onion, 2 chopped green peppers, 1 packet of taco seasoning, 2 tablespoons chili powder, a hint of oregano, a dash of pepper.
Directions: Combine ingredients, heat on stove. Let chili refrigerate over night to mix 'n mingle. Easy as pie! Get your vegetable and beef daily requirements all in one dish... A complete Meal.
Now onto phase two of tonight's blog post.... Happy National FFA Week (February 21-25)! How many of you were FFA Members? I proudly was one of those students that attended chapter meetings, speaking contests, leadership workshops and spent a majority of January and February in the Agriculture Room filling out proficiency and state degree applications. Every February since my high school FFA days a distinct memory hits me on how busy yet rewarding this time of year is for FFA members. This week I will be taking you back to the years of 2002-2006 in hopes of reliving my memories with you and sharing tid-bit FFA facts.
My Freshman year Manawa didn't have an Agriculture Program, but the FFA Chapter was run by our Alumni Association. Thankfully our Alumni Association was dedicated to keeping the program alive and encouraged students to get involved and participate in activities. I'm very appreciative of the Alumni, if it weren't for them I wouldn't have been able to be a FFA Member all through high school. If memory serves me right I was elected chapter secretary (stationed by the ear of corn). My first year was a success winning 1st place at the District Prepared Speaking Contest and then placing 2nd at the Sectional level.
The biggest WOWZER for me was purchasing my FFA Jacket. My dad thought this was way cool as he pulled out his mighty old jacket from the attic! Dusting it off he showed the pins he earned and the 'Ripon Chapter' on the back (his high school Alma Mater). The FFA jacket was a big step for me. Why did I have to wear that blue corduroy jacket? Don't these people know navy blue (jacket) and black (skirt/shoes) does NOT match? What if the fashion police catch me! However over the years I began quite fond and proud of Official Dress. Over the years I began quite successful and putting on my navy jacket sent a sense of thrill/excitement/nervousness all at once throughout my body. It meant I was participating in the Job Interview contest, being awarded at the Wisconsin State FFA Convention, or attending a trip with my FFA pals. Nine times out of ten when zipping up my jacket it was a consistent feeling that months of hard work, dedication, and countless hours spent in the Agriculture room we finally paying off.
So tonight's FFA tid-bit is to be proud of your FFA jacket, it represents years and years of history; being adopting in 1933 as the official dress with the official colors of National FFA Blue and Yellow (symbolizing corn).
My FFA jacket now hangs in my closet at my parents and when looking at the corduroy jacket with "Nicole Starr" in yellow embroidery it reminds me of how FFA played a positive role in my leadership, personal growth and career success through Agriculture Education.
Please share with me..... How did you get started in FFA and what was your first FFA Activity? Were your friends doing it? Was it Generations and generations of family tradition? Can't wait to hear how FFA began for you!

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