Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A baby on the ground..... Miley is now a Cow

As most of you know it's calving season. One of the most exciting yet nerve racking times for beef producers. It's exciting to see the results of the breeding decisions you made last spring/summer. And it's stressful because cows need be be checked frequently and sometimes need help.
Miley was my show heifer last summer (my last show heifer), we both stayed at MSU to get ready for the Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE). Lucky her, she got to stay at school to get ready for the fall shows while I had to leave and get a real job. I know I'm 22 and can't believe I'm saying this but I love her! She was my main priority, main focus, and my schedule revolved around when she was going to eat or needed to be rinse or hair worked on. We are BFFs!
I was able to end on a high note as Miley brought home a little purple throughout her show career; Reserve Champion female at the American Royal, and Reserve Division at the North American and National Western. It was a very exciting fall/winter to say the least! Fortunately I had the MSU boys to take care of her for me.
I've been waiting till she calved to talk about her. While I was wishing for a Valentine's baby deep down all I really wanted was a heifer. My wish came true she had a heifer on Feb. 13th (Grandma Starr's birthday)! What's absolutely killing me though is that Miley & calf are in Lansing! Some weekend very soon we're going to go get the two of them to bring them back to the Starr Farm. The MSU PPB Crew have sent a few pictures to me, but I'm not technologically advance to get them from the phone to the computer:( All I have this a picture of her chilling in the stalls in Denver.
The Hereford eye picture on the top left corner of my blog is Miley, which ended up winning the JNHE photo contest. She's famous! :)
Cheers to Miley and a successful future as a cow!

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