Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 in 30 Update

If you haven't noticed I LOVE the 3 in 30 method! Whoever thought of it is an absolute genius! It has allowed me to complete goals and enjoy the thrill of crossing them of the list. I'm a list maker, stick to my to-do list kinda girl. April brought several trip to Manawa, a fun trip back to E. Lansing, a fun Easter and this weekend a fun visit with Aunt Sally, opening day of the Crosscut Solutions Greenhouse and Mom's birthday!

Here's my month recap:
I DID finish my Lenten book provided by my church, enjoyed it! I'm happy to say I was very loyal to it.
I DID do some spring cleaning by organizing my closets and donated unwanted clothes to Goodwill. It's amazing how much was can accumulate.
I WAS very good this month at attending the YMCA. I looking forward to continuing this well into May:)

Here's what I hope to accomplish in May:
-Organize the files on my computer along with my personal e-mail account. I know there's some college class e-files in here that are no longer of any use. And my e-mail has been screaming in red letters that I am at my 96% capacity. YIKES!
-You can look forward to my blog getting a facelift (last one promise) I think you'll like what I got cookin' in my mind!
-Get up early and work-out before going into the office! While I like my sleep, there's no reason I can't workout prior to, plus I hear working out in the morning is more effective. There's these morning classes, Fab Abs and Sunrise Yoga, that I really want to give a try!

What are you planning on accomplishing this month? I think it's important to always spice up your goals and try something new:)
PS-May is my birthday month! Can't wait to share with you my Birthday Wish-List Countdown! Stay tuned:)

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