Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To my friends in the South!

Spring Weather

Tonight I would like dedicate my post to my friends in the states of Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas who have had to endure the tornadoes that the whipped through their hometowns. Over the past couple days I have constantly been think about the struggles they're having. It is however reassuring to know via Facebook that they have make it through. Another reason why I love facebook! Instant communication with my cattle friends several states away! 

My thoughts and prayers go out to my friends and those who have livestock operations affected by the storm. Oddly enough I have lived through my fair share of snow blizzards but have never experienced a tornado. I can't image what you all are going through, but I'm thinking of you and here for you!

If you are wanting to help out those affected please visit the Oklahoma Red Cross. Just $3 donation to the Red Cross provides a comfort kit to our friends affected by the storms.
Thank you to DRIVE for posting this news about the Red Cross on facebook. So many people are willing to help out in any way possible!

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