Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Check it out!

A #3n30 guest TODAY!

As you all have noticed I've taken on the #3n30 monthly challenge whole heartily! Via Twitter and blog I've found this challenge has really fit me and my goal-orienting needs. Each month (since February or March, can't exactly remember) I've selected three goals that needed attention. Simple things to cleaning out my closets to more complex tasks such as completing the Masters of Beef Advocacy course. The challenge has been an excellent asset to me as I adjust to my working lifestyle. I've gotten things crossed off my list that were back burner type items. For me there's no better feeling then scratching things off my monthly to-do list three at a time.
Last week on Twitter #3n30 asked for quotes on how the 3n30 program has affected it's participants. Within just hours of submitting I received a reply from the coordinator asking ME to be a featured participant on the blog. And it just so happens that today it the day!! Today only you'll be able to read my bio and quote as the featured participant. This is a great honor and I'm thrilled to have been selected.
I encourage all my readers to take on this challenge. See what you can knock out in just 30 days! You'll see that I've even added my June #3n30 goals to my blog as a daily reminder and to hold myself accountable throughout the month for the goals selected.

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