Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine sweet treats

Perhaps you men didn't take my advice from the Hunk of Beef Monday post and you failed to run out Macy's or Bath & Body to get a perfume/lotion/soap gift combo (remember these items are cattle byproducts). It's OK- today I have the solution to redeem yourself and get you out of the doghouse. As you know, it's "I Heart Beef Month", here's your second chance to combine your Valentine gift with beef awareness......
If this doesn't say "I love you" and "You're my Valentine", I don't know what does!! You're little sweetheart is bound to forgive you for forgetting the Feb 14th holiday when you surprise her with a steak cookie!! Another Pinterest find, thank you! Now you're on your own as far as a recipe and step by step instructions.
A normal steak wouldn't contain this much fat. I suggest
adding more meat (aka red frosting) to your cookie.
Since we're sweet talking, I'll leave you with a beef and chocolate health fact...
One-third of the saturated fat in beef is stearic acid, which has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol levels and is the same fat recognized in chocolate for its benefits.


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