Friday, March 9, 2012

Dear Double Stuffed.....

Happy 100th Birthday!
Thank you for being there for me.

Yep, this picture captures my childhood in a nutshell. I was THAT kid that LOVED Oreos. In fact, the above image was the cover of last year's birthday card from my sister Danielle. You know a card is made for you when you accidentally run crossed it in a drawer and say, "Um guys, I don't think I was suppose to find this, but... is this card suppose to be for me?" No worries I acted surprised when I received in a few months later for my birthday--probably one of the better cards I've ever received.
This week as Oreos' celebrates its' 100th birthday I reflected on the necessity that this cookies played in my life. As a child, or teenager, OK fine I'll admit... young adult it was or is nothing for me to sit down with Oreos' friend, milk (I drink skim--I'm health conscious") and eat an entire row ! Something about that chocolaty cookie with creamy frosting that would set me in a better mood! Come to think of it Oreos and I go back along way... through the good, bad and ugly times (i.e. selected as classroom line-leader, outdoor recess, good report card, killing sister's pet frog, getting kicked by a heifer, forgetting to shut the gate to the pasture, unnecessary social drama, not getting that first job I interviewed for) anyways, this fine cookie has been there for me through thick & thin! Probably more on the "thick" side though..... it's a wonder I don't weigh 300 pounds, but probably explains the extra 10 pounds I just can't seem to shake! 
Happy Birthday Oreo! Cheers to many more dunks!

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