Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Flair: Hoofin' it in my new pumps

I'm excited about the bright, neon colors for the spring wardrobe. I'm really trying to watch what I spend, but it doesn't cost anything to window shop! From the bright pants to stripped tops to neon accessories I love it and it's totally is me (so maybe I could squeeze in one spring outfit!). Anyways, I love fashion and my beloved shoe collection does a good job of defending that statement! The bright pumps at Macys are so eye-grabbing, however the price tag advances my crows-feet issue by 5 years, making me run to the Clinique counter for the latest eye repair cream!
Here's something I know you can't find at Macys. I think I'd turn a few heads, especially at the office, with these kicks. Perhaps these hoof-pumps are a way to combine my love for agriculture and fashion?!
German artist, Iris Schieferstein, has the hide of the hoof (horse in this case) tanned before she crafts it into a remarkable stiletto. I thought the pink multi-colored Marcy's pumps were expensive until I read that these kicks cost over $6,000. Celebrities like Lady Gaga have been eye-balling this conversation starter.

The MSN article title "Would You Wear Shoes Made From Dead Animals?" made me laugh at first, because most of our leather shoes come from a hide. This is a very resourceful way to use all of an animal in other means besides just meat consumption. The animal material used to manufacture the shoes (and many other items) is called animal byproducts.

While these make a statement (and promote animal byproducts), I think I'll leave it to Lady Gaga to hoof it down the runaway!


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