Monday, March 26, 2012

Happiness and red meat

Sorry for the absence, but it seems like the first day of spring was just yesterday!
A recent Australian study has linked women's happiness to red meat consumption. As a avid consumer I have always knew that the recommended serving of lean beef would provide my body with zinc, iron, protein, vitamin B12 and other essential amino acids in an efficiency manner. A calorie saver really--I'd have to eat 2 to 3 times more the amount of plants in order for my body to get the same amount of protein found in one serving (150 calories) of lean beef, what a deal! I also feel I'm a pretty happy person, however some may disagree if they've encounted me before my second cup of morning brew! But all in all I'm a happy go-lucky kinda girl. Little did I know I was also providing fuel for my personality and mood. The Australian article reported that those who ate LESS then the recommended daily serving of beef were twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression.
Want to boost your mood? Plan meal with lean beef! Like I said above a serving of lean beef is 150 calories. And if you're a visual person like me it looks something like this:
Just one 3 ounce serving, the size of a deck of cards, provides 25 grams of protein
Healthy Eating Tip: To find lean beef choices, look for cuts that contain the words "round" or "loin".
Need ideas? Here's some of my recent beef recipies (Beef Cupcake, Restaurant Steak and finally Meatballs) Or perhaps you didn't quite get your fill of St. Patrick's Day and need to bring back the Ultimate Irish Dish, McDonalds brought back the Shamrock Shake so why not?!


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