Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Chi-Rish 2012

Roadtrip to the city

The road-tripping has been in full swing, St. Patrick's Day was no exception. To end my sister, Danielle's, spring break on a high note we headed to the windy city to visit Cullan and Claire Reilly. Growing up Cullan and his brothers (Logan & Broghan) we practically our brothers. Everywhere you went in Manawa, you'd see the Starr Girls with the Reilly Boys. Since then we've grown up and now reside across the country, however we don't miss out on an opportunity to get together. Both families being proud of their Irish heritage, we thought St. Patrick's Day would be a fun reunion. However, we skipped the traditional meal.
We like green beer and love our Guinness jerseys.

To nurse our hangovers, we hailed a cab and took in the city sights! At Millenium Park. 

To celebrate, the city dyes the river green. A special ceremony and everything, so festive!
You can read more about the tradition here. This is Cullan.

At Navy Pier. Like a little kid at the county fair, Cullan spotted this ride and couldn't resist. As for me, spending $6 to potentially puke was bit expensive.

Who knew, 80* on St. Patrick's Day weekend and people would be vegging at the beach.
I want to relive the weather and fun weekend again!  
Another great Starr/Reilly reunion in the books! Thanks Cullan & Claire for the memorable Irish weekend!


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