Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Starr Report: The Grand Buffet

It's Supper Time

Like people, cows like to eat at set times. Our cows like to be fed gain in the mornings and at nights. During the day they have free range of the huge pasture, and when there's isn't enough grass to met their food requirements we put a round bale of hay out for them to snack on.

At sunrise and sunset our cows come up to what we call "The Grand Buffet" to eat their grain. It sounds so uppity-uppity to say our cows have a grand buffet, huh? Well after all we do treat them like queens so they deserve it:)

Listen to the how loud it is when they lick up their feed from the bunk.
  They sure do love it! Luckily, I'm able to come home on the weekends and feed my queen-bees as while watching the sun set.


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