Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back to Reality

So close to Friday

It's always hard coming off a fun trip to a cattle show, getting caught up on work and on top of that dealing with the Denver crud. Yes, it's hit me and by the looks of my newsfeed I'm not alone. Most everyone that was in Denver is dealing with the annual January crud.
The weather has been MISERABLY COLD. So cold your checks turn cherry red and you just want to cry (I'm a baby). You also know it's cold when you get excited to see 30* in the 5-day forecast. Yes, I don't appreciate dealing with dry skin and having to bundle up but during the week the weather doesn't inconvenience me. I start my car 15 minutes before heading to work, sit in an office (which may be a bit chilly for me), start my car again to warm up before driving home to a warm house. If this is you then you're probably not aware of how the cold affects farmers and ranchers.
It was back to reality this week at the Starr Farm as well. I was talking to my mom one evening earlier this week; they had just gotten in the house from unthawing a waterer. Because of the below freezing temperatures it had froze up, so the cows couldn't get anything to drink. Just like people it's important they stay hydrated. It just so happens this one is the only water source for two of the pastures, located near the grand buffet. So mom and dad bundled up in their Carhartts and unthawed the "water fountain". 

A cow version of a drinking fountain.
So case in point, the next time you're complaining about how cold and miserable it is, is it really that big of an inconvenience? Think of all the people going out in the cold to feed wagons of hay or milk their cows, bed down huts with straw for warmth and get up in MULTIPLE times in the night to see if there are any cows calving that need help.  Have you thanked a farmer today? 


KCK said...

And I doubt any member of PETA would be there to help with the chores in that weather:(

NicoleStarr said...

Good Point KC!!

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