Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to MSU

A little bit of an update since my last post............(I promie I will soon get into the swing of things and post regularly!)14
My internship ended at the AHA on August 14th. It was soo sad to leave I love it there. I'm adding a slideshow of pictures that I took throughout the summer. (Stay tuned!) Amy Cowan, my wonderful boss, had a farewell/cookout at her house. Thanks to everyone that came! We had lots of fun!
Then it was off to Milwaukee for the good ole' Wisconsin State Fair. It was soo good to see my cheese head friends again. Love them all! We had fun hangin' out in the barns, showing on Saturday, and ending the day dancing on the tables in the Budweiser Pavilion. If you haven't been to the Budweiser Pavilion at the Wisconsin State Fair I highly recommend it, it's state of the art. It's the most high class beer tent you've ever be in! My family ended up having Reserve Heifer, which is always a plus. My parents celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary at the WI State Fair, which is where they met......How cute:)
On Tuesday (8/18 ) I packed up my things and said good bye to Platte City, MO. I have lots of great memories from living down there. I'm going to miss Amy & Sara!
Now I am back to Lansing, MI for another year at MSU! I came back early because my good friend from the Purebred Beef Barn, Jason Scramlin, is getting married! We are all very excited for them and are looking forward to raising the roof tomorrow night! It's going to be a good good night! I'll fill you in with a blog post and pictures! Have a great weekend!
P.S. This picture is of my dad and the Starr Girls shotgunning a beer. As you can see that place can get a little out of hand. My Dad was the big winner at the race obviously he has more years of drinking under his belt then this daughters......

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Crystal Young said...

Great picture of you girls and your dad.

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