Thursday, February 3, 2011

Agriculture in the Workplace

Don't worry it doesn't matter what kind of career you hold-Agriculture or Not! Growing up I was always told to be proud and stand up for who I was, and to never forget where I came from. I have been thinking about those "lines of wisdom to live by" a lot lately as I start this new chapter in my life.... A Career Girl! With it being I HEART BEEF Month and all I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my knowledge of the beef industry with my co-workers since not all of them have agriculture backgrounds, but are defiently interested since we all work on an agriculture account - Pfizer Animal Health. I posted three items on my file cabinet wall and am hoping it sparks interesting conversation amongst us coworkers. The first being a picture of a cow (I know everyone can give me a hard time it's a Holstein), alongside the image it lists all the cattle by-products and draws an arrow to where they come from. Thanks to Hannah Wine for sharing this with me on her Facebook, very educational for everyone! It seems I am always learning about cattle by-products. Some that are the most astounding to me are: Cake Mixes, Anti-Freeze, Fireworks, the list can go on and on! Cattle by-products are featured in many manufactured items and their use enables us to use 99% of every animal. Secondly is the I HEART BEEF Image, because well it is very appropriate; by advertising and raising awareness I hope that my coworkers will join in with me and host this attractive image in their workplace. I already have one individual under my wing! Thanks Katelyn Daggett! And lastly is the '29 Ways to Love Lean Beef' Chart. Repeatedly I have heard individuals right before lunch shy away from anything to do with red meat. When in actuality there are 29 cuts of lean beef with a total fat content that fall between a skinless chicken breast and skinless chicken thigh. Now as the noon hour rolls around and the buzz is what to have for lunch I can whip out my handy chart and say "LET'S EAT BEEF". When feasting in a delicious meal as a consumer you are satisfying your body with fewer calories, but more nutrients such as Zinc, Iron, and Protein otherwise known as ZIP! My goal with my cubicle decor is to be able to promote beef while also showing my coworkers who I am and where I come from. It's very rewarding when I get asked questions about how I take care of my cows, what Pfizer products I use, or am asked to explain the life stages of a beef animal. Please share with me what you do at work to promote beef to coworkers? Even though I work in agriculture it is important to remember not everyone else has the same background and it is up to us to share with them a positive message. Here's a glimpse of my EAT BEEF Decor! I plan an spicy it up and putting up new beef facts every couple weeks! Look at my festive Valentine heart.... I work better in fun settings! Good Evening... My oven is buzzing and it's time to recharge my body with 3 ounces of pure lean juiciness! That's right I'm having a petite tenderloin. Check out where your favorite cut of beef falls on the lean beef chart by clicking here. N. Starr

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