Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1st Blizzard in the City

Mother Nature wasn't shy last night as Milwaukee and the other major portions of the Midwest were buried in white fluffy snow. Milwaukee's Lakefront (The Fresh Coast as it likes to be called) even had flood warnings out because of the waves crashing up onto shore! Who would have thought you could witnessing a blizzard, snow thunder (which kept me up last night) and a flood warning all at once. I guess we live in Wisconsin for a reason! The point of this weather update is to comment on the reactions I noticed by the individuals I encountered over the past couple days. First off all the grocery stores we completely out of milk, bread, meat, the bare essentials (which always makes me laugh). Secondly it amazed me at how stressed and in a tizzy these people were about the weather. I knew I needed to drive with caution and be smart on my decision to either go into the office or work from home. My life wasn't completely revolving around the weather!! While shoveling the itty, bitty sidewalk this morning, I experienced how harsh and rude people were (I even witnessed a fight over a shovel!) Meanwhile, in the back of my mind I was think about all my poor family members and friends that had to plow the snow, unthaw waters, assist calving cows, feed extra hay, and bedding the barns/sheds/wings with straw for extra warmth. I am so glad I grew up with chores and responsibility as it taught me the meaning of what hard work really is. It also made shoveling my sidewalk feel like a piece of cake! As you know February is I Heart BEEF Month! In honor of something I am truly passionate about I would like to share with you the image below sponsored by the Beef Check. Please join me in adding the I Heart Beef picture to your facebook profile picture. Another special feature I have going this month on the blog is the beef poll on the left. I would love to hear your favorite cut of beef. Throughout the month watch for special recipes focusing on some of these cuts and the health nutritional values that come from incorporating beef into your diet! Get ready... despite the snow February is going to be an exciting month! Stay warm and out out the drifts:) N.Starr

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