Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Hometown Weekend!

You really have to appreciate small-town atmosphere! Friday after work I loaded up my little red car to head home for the weekend to be productive, or so I thought! A productive weekend of cleaning/organizing my room. It needs to look more like a bedroom and not a storage unit! See there is a big push at my house right now to clean/organize/throw away/store away because the Starr Family is having a busy busy March (will get into more detail later). Plus I believe every so many years a person really should go through their "treasures" and throw a few of those items to the curb. Saturday morning my dad had the itch to go snowmobiling after he was done with chores. While mom and I knew there was stuff to be done we agreed to going into town for breakfast on the sleds. Please note: We have had these snowmobiles for years and I've never been around to go! This was going to be my first time, so a short trip would be good for me! We ended up skipping breakfast and sliding over to the Goedderzz house to pick them up to go trailing (No breakfast for me). Lunch was had at the Crossings where we walked in in our "Gear" smelling of exhaust and everyone turning around in their bar stools to stare and see who just walked in:) A bacon bleu burger hit the spot! While eating Sue Ann and Dad had the trail map out and were planning our next time. I knew right then and there this was going to be a full-out blown-out day trip. And my To-Do list was not going to done! Oh well I thought always Sunday after church. From Weyauwega we trailed over to Waupaca, then to Scandinavia to the bowling alley for a rest! I was exhausted, the fresh air worn me out! Thank god for the handle hand warms on my mom's snowmobile! 70 miles later of snowmobiling across all Waupaca County we hit the doorstep at 6:30pm! Luckily a bolt of productivity hit me after church and I made a huge dent into my bedroom. Ladies and Gentlemen I'm not happy to admit this, I have known this for some time now but...... I'm a complete pack rat--Literally I don't throw anything away and get attached to odd things, feeling as if they have sentimental value. Such as: boot boxes filled to the top with plastic bags (from Old Navy, Gap, Limited, Victoria's Secret etc), every issue the Wolf Talk (high school newspaper) from all fours years, notes that were passed in class! Other fun and worthwhile keeping treasures (that are now stored in a container in the basement): Girlfriend's composition book from my godmother, a million pictures/photo albums through high school, a million plaques from FFA Job Interview & NHJA Scholarships/awards, letters from Aunt Sally, out of style sweaters & dresses that were soo "cool" at the time. So I am soo happy I reevaluated my belongs and got rid of the things that have no meaning to me, however it's reassuring to know that I childhood treasures I am attached to are stored in a safe place in the basement and can someday share them with my kids; I'm sure they'll laugh at all my crazy "junk". I feel it is good to save things that have meaning, tell about your past and describe the kind of person you have become :) I'm back in Brookfield awaiting the week that is about to come at Bader Rutter. Also-there is no better week to be in Wisconsin with the Packers playing in the Super Bowl this next Sunday (2/6)! We are having a few festivities on Friday at work and I can wait to show my Packer spirit by wearing my new Packers vs. Stealers Super Bowl 45 t-shirt to work on Friday! Let the road to the Super Bowl begin! Go Packers! I have quite a bit of practice before I start looking like this Snowmobile Pro! Have a great Sunday! N. Starr

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Miss Nicole said...

Get ready! Tomorrow I will be starting to blog about all the topics I brainstormed as my New Years Resolution! I have lots of fun topics lined up!

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