Saturday, February 19, 2011

Go Ahead..... Be a LUSH

Switching things up a bit and blogging about health & beauty.
Tonight you will learn of one of my many obsessions: LUSH (Fresh Handmade Cosmetics). Have any of you heard of it? Well my bond with LUSH began when I received the jelly soap and emotibonds as a Christmas present from Cullan & Claire Reilly. LUSH can be purchased at Macys, they have a designated area similar to Clinque & MAC (note: not all Macys carry it. I recommend the Mayfair Mall if you are around Milwaukee) Through conversation, I have found that not a lot of people have heard of LUSH; which is why it makes amazing gifts.
The products are unique in shape, color, size and release an amazing aroma relaxing your body, mind and soul. Today I visited and was completely taken away to "LUSH LAND" as I got lost in the sea of options. Emotibonds, Massage Bars, Bath Bombs, Jelly, Bar Soap.....the list can go on! My purpose was to pick of a couple gifts for friends; and treated myself to Lovers Lettuce face mask. It may sound different but it's made with almonds, chlorophyll, many other natural extracts. Can't wait to use it! LUSH may sound unique; but trust me throwing an bathbomb into your bath is like escaping to a luxurious Aveda spa.
Look at all the choices! Now it's clear why it took forever to make any decisions:)
Happy Saturday.

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