Friday, February 18, 2011

Shout for Beads. Dance to the Music. Judge Cows.

All three of these is something I have done or is a way I enjoy spending my time. Well today I didn't shout for beads (mardi gras is right around the corner tho!) or dance to music, but I did judge cows. Yes you've heard right and for those that know me you'll be even more shocked to hear it was dairy cows! It's that time of year- The Hoard's Dairyman judging contest. By applying what I already knew and reading up on dairy evaluation I was able to mark my score card. While I don't know if I will be named this year's Kings of Cows it was fun to attempt to evaluate dairy cattle at work. This was a great way to spend my Friday noon hour and learn more about a different agriculture sector. The Hoard's Dairyman judging contest is very popular. Click here to participate. Have a great weekend. N. Starr

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