Sunday, February 27, 2011

Healthy Beef Mondays: A Secret Family recipe

Happy Monday! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is starting the work week with a refreshed and energized mind. This Monday I am letting you in on a SECRET family recipe. Ok, it's really not that much of a secret, it's just a dish that I was born and raised on and LOVE. It's called Shredded Beefy Mushroom and features the roast. Please note: No exact measurements in this recipe, gotta love cooking Nicole style!
Preheat your oven to 325*F and place a thawed roast in the oven with just a little water, and salt & pepper. Cook for 1 hour then check the temperature. Please note it is recommended that a roast needs must be cooked to a internal temperature of 160* to ensure it is safe & savory. After reaching 160* remove the roast to your CLEAN cutting board and begin to shred the beef. I "shred" by using two forks, and pulling the beef a part into bit-sized pieces or shreds. Once your roast is shredded place into a stove-top safe pan and add 1 can of Campbell's Beefy Mushroom soup mix, using the empty soup can fill 1/4 full of water and add to the mixture. Begin to stir and heat. Depending on your meat:soup ratio you may need to add more water. Pepper to taste, serve warm.
My family has found Shredded Beefy Mushroom to be excellent over wild rice or mashed potatoes. Or if on-the-go (which my family always is!) serve as a sandwich using whole grain buns. However you decide to eat this deliciousness I guarantee your taste buds will thank you! Please note the image of the Campbell's Beefy Mushroom, in case you haven't used it before.
Enjoy, please let share if this was a hit! What easy meals do you cook?

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