Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is one of the most celebrated holidays by all! A day to drink green beer and wear crazy shirts. Although I was sad I wasn't able to go to Dublin Square or P.T O'Mally's we ended up having our own little party on the 1st Floor at Bader Rutter. Corn Beef (no cabbage:), green finger jello, pistachio cake.....See the common theme??
My mom's side of the family claims to be VERY VERY VERY Irish, but what percentage are we really, no one knows:) When people ask what I am I never hesitate to quickly respond "Irish". My light hair, fair skin, fun/giggly personality, catholic and fantastic beer drinking ability classifies me a pretty good Irishwomen I think!
Today is my GREAT Aunt Sally's birthday. She's a cute little lady with red hair from Virginia and looks 110% Irish. We have been pen pals since before I could write! The poor thing had to make out a lot of childish scribble when I was only 4-5 years old. It's our little tradition and not a lot of people write handwritten letters these days. Well letters to my Aunt Sally are always handwritten and we go back and forth in lots of conversation and random thoughts:) I have saved as many letters as possible from her. She is a precious lady to me. I even spent one of my college spring breaks with her. It's a trip I'll never forget with stories that make me laugh so hard I cry! Happy Birthday Aunt Sally-Every year I send her a St. Patrick's/Birthday Day, hope she got it!
Here's a picture of Aunt Sally & I just about to venture out for the day, probably a day of shopping and sight seeing in downtown Richmond. I hope I look and act just like her someday when I'm "older".
Who's going out tonight to celebrate? I plan on attending the St. Patty's festivities in New London, or New Dublin as they call themselves this week, on Saturday!

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