Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 in 30 Update- 1/2 Point Reached

Where has the month of March gone? For me it has been keeping busy with work, throwing a baby shower and getting ready for the NJHA Board to come to our house. Can't wait for the NJHA Board arrive tomorrow! I hope you all enjoy taking in St. Patrick's Day Wisconsin style, touring Genex Cooperative, and have productive planning meetings. I really thought I would be doing better on my 3 in 30, my evenings have been taken up by running errands for mom and baking for the shower. Evening and weekends are never long enough. I had high hopes for myself when I announced My Month of March: 3 in 30 Challenge. Ok, enough with the excuses, here's my report. (There's still time for a turnaround!) Goal 1: Clean my car, clean leather, vacuum & take through the car wash. Cha-Ching 100% complete and scratched off my list. Clients were coming into the office for planning meetings and I purposely volunteered to be the airport taxi driver. I need to keep this as a monthly habit. Goal 2: Finish the Masters of Beef Advocacy. I'm getting there and will finish. Luckily Marth is a long month. I have two sections to go! On my way to being a MBA Graduate by April 1st. Goal 3: Use my YMCA membership 3x/week. FAILING :( I'm embarrassed, but my time has been spent ready ready for all the fun company and parties in March. I worked out 3x the first week, but not the last two weeks. And I can feel it, my body aches when I slack. So to make up for it I'm going to do double time: work out 6x/week the last two weeks in March. Happy Earily St. Patty's Day, Don't forget to wear your GREEN! N.Starr

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