Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What did you do to support Agriculture?

Happy National Agriculture Day! Every year, producers, agriculture associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and countless others across American join together to recognize the contributions to agriculture. Today is for thanking farmers for putting food on the table and clothes on your back. Without agriculture we'd all be naked and starving! As Americans I think we take a lot of granted, but I challenge you to note all the different ways you rely agriculture throughout the day; whether you have an office job, outside job, or are a student you depend on agriculture.
Visit Ag Day-Events for fun ways to be an agvocate in your community or workplace. Events that were appealing to me.......
Pizza Party-Organize a pizza party at school or work and explain how all of your favorite toppings come from farms and ranches and how each is processed to be sold in local grocery stores.
Adopt A Classroom- Organize a classroom field trip to a local farm/ranch and explain how animals are properly cared for. Educate the students on the endless career opportunities in agriculture.
My favorite part of today was reading facebook and twitter posts from my agriculture friends who also dedicated to promoting and educating agriculture to America. Here are some of my favorites:
Genex Cooperative says. "From the clothes you wear, to the cars you drive and even the things that keep you alive, and MORE are all made possible because of Agriculture. Take time to thank a farmer, agriculture teacher, or someone you know employed in the agribusiness profession today and always...... Today is National Ag Day!"
Madee Moore says, "Guess what it is National Ag Day! Let's celebrate, every aspect of our lives revolves around agriculture."
Jamie May Wilson says, "America's farmers and ranchers work hard every day to provide safe, affordable and abundant food, fiber and fuel for families across the globe. No matter who you are, agriculture touches your life daily so remember to thank a farmer today on National Agriculture Day."
Keep up the good work! Together we can share the positive story of agriculture.

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