Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Finds --> A "Grown-Up" Lunch Box

TGIF! I am devoting Friday's to only fun easy to read posts about my latest trends, must-haves and obsessions! I'm waring you now you never know what Friday will bring! Today I'm sharing with you my "grown-up" lunch box from Francesca's. Lately everything that my eyes zone into at store is the popular paisley/floral print. So it was no surprise that I couldn't leave this purse-looking lunch box be on the shelf while shopping with my cousin Karen. It's become my signature at work (in the fridge at least)!. No one else has it so there's never a worry someone will accidentally eat my ham sandwich and yogurt! This trendy look takes packing-a sack lunch to a whole new fashionable level. A steal for only $12. Are any of you ladies Francesca shoppers? My mom and sister, Lindsay, introduced me; not every mall has one. I'd call it a unique boutique; with one-of-a-kind dresses, tops, jackets & accessories. They also carry Miss Me Jeans- I hope to someday own a pair!
Have a great weekend all!

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