Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Recap at the Starr House

Did everyone enjoy their weekend?? I think being completely exhausted is sign of a good weekend. My weekend kicked-off with dinner in New London with my mom & dad and Steve & Sue Ann. The intend of this weekend was to "prep" for the March Festivities. My mom and I busted a move all weekend cleaning, organizing and redecorating. Even though it was a lot of work sometimes the build up/planning of events is just as much fun as the actual parties! We are all set and ready to go!
What are all these events happening?? Well I will share 1 of 2 with you.... This Saturday (3/12) is Lindsay's, my sister, baby shower! We are so very excited! We are planning on having 25ish people for a baby "tea party". She is due in May and I can't wait to meet little Magic Johnson (FYI-we just call the baby Magic for now until he/she is born)
With all the decorating/cleaning my room got a little face lift! I was at Bed Bath & Beyond and fell in love with this DKNY bedroom set. Even better it looks swell with my furniture and pink walls (I was into the pink walls in grade school, now not so much, but oh well I'll just work with it)
Please enjoy my before/after photo.

I LoVe It!:)

Enjoy your Sunday evening.


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