Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beef Industry Carves a Course

Yesterday Danielle posted an inspirational article on Facebook-Beef Industry Carves a Course. This article featured a Colorado native, Ms. Jen Johnson who received her MBA to help educate her salad-nippling sorority sisters to order steaks. The article continued to state that nearly 2,000 graduates have completed the course and hope to have another 20,000 (I'm one of them:) complete the course to offset those who reject beef consumption as unhealthy. All the influential celebrities under the sun can promote the industry, however the best spokesman are the men and women who produce beef front and center. As producers talk to our consumers about the hours spent caring for cattle-the trips to the barn at 3am to assist calving cows, how grazing helps land thrive, and the nutrition values that beef contains. A majority of beef cattle are raised on family-owned operations before heading to the feedlot or processing plant. "We Care and We're Capable" are words Daren Williams preaches to future MBA graduates.

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