Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Modern Beef Production

Did you know that consumers say telling real stories from real people (you!) is one of the most trusted ways we can communicate with them? So pour your heart out, don't be shy, share with consumers near and far your everyday occurrence on your family operation.
America's farming and ranching families thoughtfully raise cattle to provide you with the delicious, healthful beef you love. Producers are dedicated to the environment, caring for their stock and providing a safe yet delicious product. Farmers and Ranchers are good stewards of the land because they want to leave it in better shape for future generations and preserving the Earth's natural resources are important. Quality beef comes from quality animals which is why producers work hard to keep the animals healthy, safe and secure. Lean beef is a powerful protein consumers receive by incorporating beef into their diets. Producer pride themselves on providing a delicious, wholesome product for your family to enjoy. A fun fact: Less than 1 percent of the U.S. population raises the food that feeds people here and abroad. Neat huh? Farmers and ranchers are operating more efficiently. They are producing more pounds of beef on less acreage and using less resources.
Hope you are cruising through the work week, we're getting close to the weekend:)

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