Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nike + iPOD- Meet my personal trainer

So my weakness is finding something and not stop thinking about it until I buy it! When today find was no exception. A few weeks ago my IPOD from freshman year crashed and burned one day at the YMCA. Ever sense then I've been looking around at what to get to replace (so many options: IPOD nano, shuffle, touch, phone). I know for a fact that I'm not getting the IPHONE, leaning more towards the IPOD touch. However would also like something to give me a little running motivation, my own personal trainer. I am trying really hard to go to the gym to run and use the machines. And with it getting nicer (at times) outside I would love to run during my noon hour. There are excellent trails in Bishop's Woods (the business district where my office is). So today I feel like I have found the solution to all my needs. This is a little pricy, but I think it will be something to save my $$ for and my birthday is right around the corner.
First I will need to replace my ghetto Pod with the IPOD touch......... Which will make the biggest dent:(
Then for $30 I can purchase the Nike + Sensor Kit. This will allow me to put the sensor into my Nike + Shoe. The sensor will record my distance, calories burned and milestones reached. The Nike + iPOD menu will let me chose my workouts, make goals and Rock & Run to Nike-created sport music for instant motivation! And lastly. They always get ya, but I am not opposed to another pair of running shoes. I need these special shoes that hold the sensor in the insole of the shoe to communicate with the Ipod. When syncing my Ipod to my computer it will download a report of my workout.
The Nike + program also has a network for runners to enter or create challenges!
This may be a "has been" thing, but I just found it and can't stop thinking about how great it would be for me:) Starting to save now!!


Melissa said...

You and I both sister have the same weakness! I love obsessing about the latest thing I'm going to buy, but usually I talk myself out of it. I have an iPhone, but I also use the Couch 2 5K app and others to tell me when to run/walk, plays music, has a little journal for your times and calories burned. I like it!

Nicole Starr said...

Glad I'm not alone! I've heard about the C2 5K and thought it looked interesting as well! Now that I'm out of school I gotta gotta get in shape; especially when I sit at a desk all day:) Happy running.

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