Monday, March 28, 2011

Friday Finds--> Greeting Cards 101

What Friday Find on a Monday? Yep, it's coming twice this week! This is an exciting week because: a) The week will end with March and the beginning of April b) The temperature is expected to be above freezing (during the day) c) I am on track to finish my Masters of Beef Advocacy! Can you say CELEBRATE!!! Ok and the truth is, I've been horrible at blogging on Friday due to insane weekends! So here it goes; letting you in on one of my obsessions: The Greeting Card aisle (especially at Target). I am obessed with buying greeting cards, my shopping cart always seems to detour me through that aisle and I'm competely suckered in gazing at all the bright pretty cards (I'm sure this correlates with my wrapping & tissue paper/gift wrapping obsession). $25 later and a little ticked at myself I come strolling out with my greeting card collection. I always seem to find excuses or think of people who "must" have a card sent to them. 9/10 the cards are being purchased for my GREAT Aunt Sally, my goal is to write to her once a month. But deep down I think it's because I love sending mail in hopes of brightening & surprising someone's day. It's a cost effective and easy way to show a distant friend or relative that you are thinking of them. While I think E-mail and Facebook are great ways to connect, we also need to remember the powerful message that a handwritten note sends. I figure no one enjoys looking through the mail after a long day of work, only to find bill after bill. It always makes my day when there is a brightly colored envelope with my name on it, and I like to do the same for someone else. Today's tip is: Always send a handwritten thank you note, especially when job interviewing. A handwritten note goes along way- it shows the individual you are appreciative and conduct yourself in a professional manner. Were any of you on the receiving end of these greeting cards??? N.Starr

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