Thursday, March 31, 2011

MBA Graduate!! / 3 in 30 Update

Get the cap and gown out...... I'm an MBA Graduate! No just kidding. But really I am so proud that I can finally say I have competed this. It program developed while in college and just didn't have time to start so got put on the "After I graduate from college" list. I happy to hear that Michigan State now incorporates the MBA program into the Advanced Feedlot course. It's great so many MSU students are graduating with their MBA. I am looking forward to getting the MBA Graduate reception material in the mail and being associated with the MBA graduate networking site. Even better is that I now have the resources and am equipped to share with producers and consumers the true facts about beef production. I look forward to having discussion about how beef is raised, the environmental factors that producers follow and the nutrition your body will experience by incorporating beef into a well balanced diet. Producers are continuing to provide you with a product that is safe, whole and delicious. More to come!!
Now for a 3 in 30 update.........
1) Clean my car.... CHECK! Pfizer clients came into town earlier this month and I purposely volunteered to be the cab driver so I was encouraged to give my car the cleaning attention it needed. Vacuuming, cleaning, wiping, reorganizing of the grand prix needs to be a must every month!!
2) Work out three times/week. FAIL FAIL FAIL!! Sorry. I will be giving this another try in April. I have gone to the YMCA twice this week. Weekend plans are not final yet, so may be getting in a couple more days!! I NEED IT:)
3) Complete MBA Course..... CHECK!!! Yes completed as of 30 minutes ago! And boy does it feel good to complete this. As I stated above I'm ecstatic to start blogging about what I have learned from this program in future posts. Stay tuned.
Working on my April 3 in 30 Goals? What are your April 3 in 30??
Today is the last day of March! How did it fly??? Excited for the start of April, hoping for lots of sun, green grass and the excitement of warm weather!!:)


crystal.cattle said...

Awesome job on completing the MBA program. Now you can join the ning site, lots of great resources on there!

Nicole Starr said...

Thanks!!! I'm very excited to join in on the MBA site. Quick question..... I sent them the completion e-mail, will they then provide me with the website information??

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