Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Farmers and ranchers looking out for the next generation

Earth Day 2011-March 22-This Friday

What are you doing to prepare for Earth Day 2011? To raise awareness I will be providing brief messages on how Cattleman are good stewards of the land. Please also follow me on Twitter at: nstarrgirl for #earthday2011 tweets.

America's cattle farmers and ranchers are dedicated to leaving the environment in better shape for the next generation. Here are some quick facts I learned through the MBA program, feel free to steal......
  • About two-thirds of cattle farms and ranches have been in the same family for two generations or more. As short-term tenants of this land, it's our job to ensure the future of our natural resources.
  • On average, each cattleman has 13 different practices in place to accomplish environmental goals such as nuturing wildlife, preventing erosion and conserving and protecting water.
  • Farmers and ranchers also are recyclers, raising their animals on the abundant source of forage and grains available in this country and then turning the manure into natural fertilizers.
  • Thanks to smart practices, raising livestock in the United States today accounts for less than 3 percent of the country's total greenhouse gas emissions.
Have a good day!

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