Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Farmers Care

For their Cattle and Land

It's unseasonably cold out and while some people complain about not being able to spend time outdoors; farmers and ranchers are spending all their time outside in the bitter cold caring for their livestock. When it's cold farmers and ranchers made sure the waters are running and that all the cows and calves have fresh straw for bedding to keep somewhat warm. Farmers put the well-being of their cattle before themselves. At our house the cows are always the first to get feed, new bedding and during calving season are checked periodically throughout the night. We work hard daily (snow, rain, sleet or shine) to keep our animals healthy, safe and secure.
Beef producers take pride in caring for their cattle, ensuring they have room to roam, access to clean water, balanced diets and are treated humanely. Caring for our animals is a family tradition and commitment handed down and improved upon from generation to generation. Our livelihoods depend on treating our cattle humanely to produce a safe and wholesome product.
 Healthy cattle are the foundation of a safe food supply. When it comes to cattle health, our first priority is preventing illness. Any antibiotics used are carefully selected and administered following veterinarian-approved guidelines. Government regulations and industry standards help ensure the safe use of antibiotics to keep our cattle healthy and protect health. As farmers and ranchers, we are committed to using antibiotics responsibly.
Beef producers are dedicated to providing a safe, wholesome and nutritious product for you family to enjoy at the dinner table.
Once all this snow melts it will be time to enjoy juicy steaks and delicious hamburger on the grill..... yum yum my favorite:)

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