Friday, April 22, 2011

Letter to the Editor

Finally have my proactive letter completed. Unfortunately we are having a cold, rainy Wisconsin day here so I'm sure not many outside activities are happening. Maybe we'll have a warm spell and we'll be having an Easter egg hunt outside after all..... Anyways, ready to share.....
April 22, 2011

Dear Editor,
Today millions of Americans will be celebrating Earth Day in classrooms and communities by planting trees, clearing litter off roadways, and reflecting on ways to protect the environment. As an advocate in the beef industry I would like to share with the public how American cattlemen practice environmental stewardship while providing consumers and their families with a safe, wholesome, and nutritious product.
Cattle contribute to the global environment by grazing the 85 percent of United State land that is unsuitable for producing crops. Rotational grazing is a common practice used by ranchers allowing pastures to grow back quickly and preventing soil erosion. The manure left behind is spread throughout the farmland acting as a natural fertilizer to replenish the grass. Cattle manure adds nitrogen to the soil making it capable of supporting plant life.
While grazing the land cattle are able to convert grass, sunlight and water into delicious beef. Only about half of the animal is consumed as beef, the remaining portion is used to produce products in our every day life. These goods known as by-products play a role in the quality of American life. Cattle by-products provide us with numerous essentials such as leather, felt hats, soap, tires, cosmetics, and chewing gum.
Cattlemen across the country have worked hard to get beef from their ranch to your dinner table. For producers it is more then just a job, it is a way of life. They take their responsibilities to the animals and land seriously.
Plan to make Earth Day 2011 a time for your family to enjoy the great outdoors. While your kids are planting the annual Earth Day tree take advantage of the spring weather by cooking juicy steaks on the grill. The sensational aroma will spread for miles you may even have a few neighbors stopping in to take part in the appetizing meal your family is feasting in.
Nicole L. Starr


Robyn said...


It always amazes me how many every day items we use that are animal and/or beef by-products.

If one is a true vegan they have a lot of research to do to avoid by-products as part of their lifestyle. I wonder if one could comfortably live without animal by-products.

Excellent Ag & Earth Day message.

Nicole Starr said...

Hi Robyn. Thank you for stoping by and for the wonderful comment! I am also continuously amazed at the animal byproducts.
Would love to check out your blog, please send me the link:) Happy Monday

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