Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MBA Graduate=Endless Opportunities

My MBA Profile Page

I was tickled pink to have received e-mail notification that I have graduated from the MBA program. I was then completed an application to become part of the MBA Alumni Association. A few days ago I received approval and am official part of the Association, what an accomplishment! I am still learning the in's and out's of it; as I learn I will share with you, sound like a deal?
My profile page has been designed and is ready to take action. I plan to draw awareness about my blog and utilize the tools available on the association site. You can be sure to watch for upcoming posts for the next couple days on Earth Day 2011. Can you believe it's already on Friday?? With this unseasonal winter weather it's hard to believe.
Other tools and discussion pieces offered are: Farmers Fighting Hunger, Cattleman's Stewardship, Food, Inc, Close up on Raising Beef.
Are you in the process of completing your MBA Course work? This has been an educational journey, and I feel like it's only begun! It's been a great way for me to understand how to communicate with consumers how their beef is raised. Consumers are more eager then ever to hear about where they food comes from; who better to tell the story then an actual producer!
Check out my MBA profile page and watch for the stories that make my ag life complete....... Cattle, Amazing Family & Friends, and Adventure with a Side of Fashion.

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