Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 2-- A little something to BRIGHTON my day!

Some like Pandora, I like BRIGHTON!

A couple years ago my sisters and I received the Brighton Charm bracelet and over the course of time I have gotten charms for presents, milestone events etc...! I also have the hoop earrings, and you can also buy little charms for them as well! The charms allow you to easily get a lot of different looks out of just a few pieces of jewelry. I also like it because it is simple, elegant, professional yet also makes a personalized statement.
A few friends have these BRIGHTON earrings and I think they'd be a nice little addition to my BRIGHTON collection. Wonderful to wear to work!
There's a lot of earring to pick from! This is just one of many!!!
On a side note: I just got back from a fun girls night out: supper at Jose Sombreros and the long awaited movie Water for Elephants! Good food, great movie! If only I would have finished the entire book!
When I wake up tomorrow I will be ready to take on the world as a 23 year old!

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