Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's my Birthday!

The day is finally here, I'm another year older!

So far I have had a great time celebrating my 23rd birthday a Bader Rutter! We celebrated during lunch feasting in Potbelly's sandwiches, a yummy cookies! My gracious co-worker Aimee gave me the prettiest flower cupcake I can't wait to devour in later tonight:) And break up my afternoon I received spring flowers from the Reilly Boys!

Day 1 of Nicole's Birthday Wish-List Countdown comes to an end today. I'm turing 23 so I think that means I deserve to buy myself a little present! Other all the items I wished upon this is one I desperately need most to keep me on time. Can you believe Miss Fashion Accessory doesn't own a watch?? I'm torn between these two, please help me out folks!

I'm now off to celebrate tonight with my birthday twin Miss Maddie who is turning 7 way more exciting then turning 23!!! Watch for fun pictures detaling May 10th 2011!


Robyn said...

Happy Birthday Nicole! Hope you have had an awesome day.

I like the second watch.

Nicole Starr said...

Thanks!!!! Ok 1 vote for the DKNY Watch!! haha Thanks:)

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