Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Find--> Danielle's Necklaces

Chunky Jewels

Today's Friday Find is featuring my sister, Danielle. She has been making necklaces for quite a few years. Due to this big chunky jewelry that's a big western fashion fad she hasn't gone all out with it like some. So instead this has become a fun little hobby where she's been able to make some money and give away great gift.
This year for my birthday I received pick of the inventory. Pictured below is the necklace of my choice. If there is a design you have in mind just let her know, she's always open to creating new pieces. I'll also say it's really handy to have a sister that's a jewelry pro! Whenever I have bracelets or necklaces that need a little fixin' I send me right to her to work her magic. Send her a Facebook message or e-mail at

What got me was the pink turquoise on the left, what a statement:)

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