Friday, May 13, 2011

23 Candles


I am head over heels crazy about my birthday. My excitement grows stronger with every year I age! I used to love birthdays soo much as a kid that I would have "pretend" birthdays! Yes, that's right folks I would wake up on a random day announce it was my birthday and the event planning would begin! Mom would start baking a cake, I would throw on my ruffly red and white polka-dot dress and start wrapping the presents (my books). Then I would call up my Grandma Lindsay and she'd pick me up in my red sports car and we'd celebrate the "birthday" at her house. The party varied every time sometimes we had pretend parties at our house. The party theme all depended upon the wish of the birthday girl!! I'm the only child that's ever done this!
Unfortunately I have outgrown the ruffly dress. This year I was able to celebrate with my wonderful Bader Rutter coworkers! We ordered in Potbelly sandwiches, it was great to all be together, have fun and talk about things other than work! Looking forward to see what year 23 will bring. Here's a few photos to capture May 10, 2011......

My co-worker Aimee who helps me out a great deal at work gave me this beauteous pink flowery cupcake. It was very tasty, the chocolate was rich and frosting creamy. I shared with Maddie and Noah! I really enjoy working with her, we're a great team.
Did you know calories don't count on your birthday? Yep, it's true!
To my surprise I received flowers! It was certainly a burst of excitement to answer the phone and learn there was a "special" delivery at the front desk! The spring flowers are soo pretty and smell fantastic:) Thank you to the Reilly Family for thinking of me on this grand day!
Thanks Reillys!!!
To conclude with my birthday celebrations I would like to say that my Birthday Wish-List was very successful! Never did I think I would get anything on it. As you know Lindsay & Brad gave me the cookbook. My parents surprised me with the Nike + shoes and sensor!!! YEAH! A) These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had and B) I love tracking my miles. I am on my way to being a workout running fanatic. I will admit I'm starting out slow, but I'll get there!

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