Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 4-- A Personal Trainer

For the so-called "Runner"

Today I'm getting back to being more practical gifts that I've actually wanted for some time now. As I stated in my previous post I really want the NIKE IPOD + System. It would make my running so much convient, knowing exactly how far I ran, having the capability to select workouts all while listening to my favorite tunes with every stride. This is a bit complex of a system, but I've had my heart set on it:) Well see what May 10th (My 23rd Birthday) brings..... By the way I will also need the IPOD touch since my antique IPOD crashed and burned!
The sensor records strides

And  the results so up on your  IPOD. NIKE + Users become members of a elite website to compare and challenge other users. 
What are your Saturday plans? We're cleaning the barn and as always swing by Crosscut Solutions Greenhouse. What are you doing for your Mothers this weekend?

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