Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Find: THE OILRIE

An Oil Bar

In one of the many Brookfield shopping strip malls lays The Oilrie. What is an oil bar you may ask? It is a small little shop where you can purchase different flavors of olive oil, balsamic vinegars and seasonings great for cooking, grilling, pasta, or bread dipping!
If you're ever in the Brookfield area I recommend you check it out. Great Mother's Day gifts, sshhhhh don't tell!
The workers are extremely helpful assisting you in choosing the right flavor, taste testing is allowed. The oil is in silver containers and you pour your oil of choice into a glass bottle and sealed for freshness.
Yesterday I happened to get a few flavors: Sun Dried Tomato, Oregano Balsamic, and Lemon. With brightly colored pasta noodles and seasoning this will be a great Mother's Day!
So if you're headed home for Mother's day and still empty handed I recommend you check out Brookfield's Oilrie Bar.
Happy Mother's Day

This is where the oil is kept. The oil is poured out from the spout.

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