Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Cookbook

The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman is becoming my complete role model! I get such a kick out of her crazy wit and sense of humor. I've practically slept next to the cookbook every night since receiving it. I've taken it to work and a few of the girls have ooed and aaahed over it. I love the way Ree incorporates her daily life into her book by capturing pictures of her kids, pets, livestock and adventure. I highly recommend it. The book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels is currently being loaned to my mom and I have to admit.... I miss it:)
Last weekend I drove right in and was determined to cook it up in my mom's kitchen for Mother's Day. When my status of facebook announced me receiving the cookbook all the response and rant and rave was about the Cinnamon Rolls. So I started the process Saturday afternoon, let the rough rise and sit in the fridge overnight. This was quite an intense process I must say! To my surprise I was up by 5:30 assembling the rolls and baking up the sweet deliciousness. The family couldn't believe how sweet and gooey they were. A big hit I must say! Thanks all for your suggestion.
WARNING: These are NOT low in calories, and  may cause you to adjust your belt.

Yum Yum!! The flower cake pan worked rather well!
I'm next cooking adventure will be the lasagna, has anyone tried it yet? I'm thinking it would be a perfect meal to give to Lindsay & Brad once this little baby arrives:)

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