Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday Weekend....

I may be dragging this out a bit, but it only comes once a year!

My intend was to go home this weekend and cuddle with my new little niece or nephew. However, this little baby is real content with being inside Lindsay's belly because it doesn't show any signs of wanting to be born. So I decided to stay in Brookfield this weekend figuring my luck then the baby would be born! So such luck, thus far! My little weekend consisted of sleeping in, working out and doing a little 'Happy Birthday to Me' celebratory shopping!
I'm proud to say that I got some great deals and happy to live close to The Johnson Creek Outlet Mall. Now introducing the new members of my Accessory Family......
Please welcome COACH CARLEY! You may be saying don't you already have that style? And Yes it's true I do. However my previous purse has traveled thousands of miles to cattle shows around the country and it is time for it to be shelved. A purse can only handle being thrown into a showbox show after show and drug through the dusty shavings. I'm in love with the style and opted for a nice upgrade. The scarf is separate, love the option to switch it up no matter what time of year!
The Scarf adds a nice little "Seasonal Flare"
  Floral heels are way in this spring. Next are these ROCKETDOG Floral open-toed heals. Great with dress pants or a spring skirt/dress! The style is what caught me! Bonus was that a friend from my hometown, MANAWA, was my clerk! What are the odds?! Crossing my fingers am able to walk all day in these!

Can't wait break these in:)
 And lastly what is a Birthday shopping trip without a little sweet treat? The Cheesecake Factory was too tempting. It's been ages since I've been there! Being adventurous I tried the Red Velvet Cheesecake! Yum Yum! I will be nibbling on this all week:) The picture doesn't do justice to it's melt-in-your mouth creamalicious taste. 

Calories don't count the WHOLE ENTIRE week of your birthday, right?


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