Monday, May 16, 2011

Salad Sensation

City-Farm Garden

Some people have a back 40 or hundreds of acres of cropland where they grow nutritious food for you and your family to enjoy. Remember to thank a farmer for the countless hours they spend in the field. Rain, snow or scorching heat you can bet a farmer is working in the field or making sure their livestock has feed, water and fresh bedding.
While I plan to help my family this summer with the farm work (making hay, helping with the cows, and helping Danielle with her show cattle). I am also experimenting with a little garden of my own! I have called it my Salad Sensation which resides on my Brookfield condo patio. My reasoning for starting is because living alone I have found bagged lettuce to wilt before eating it all. So I have ventured out and am growing lettuce in potting plants for my own use. My plan/goal is to trim a little off each time I need it and hope it continues to grow. My theory is that it will continue to grow and not spoil. My Aunt, an expert gardener, has told me that I will be able to trim off a bit and it will grow but eventually will get tough. I have an 'A' Pot and a 'B' Pot. Both planted on the same day. I will continue to give weekly updates on their growth.

Here's Plant A:
Growing quite well!! Garden Expert: Is this was lettuce is suppose to look like? How much bigger will it get?

Yes, Planted on the same day! It is beyond me why Pot B is so far behind. We'll see if it'll catch up!
We'll see how the next check-in goes, I'm hoping Pot B gets a growth spurt soon. Never would have guessed to have one grow and not the other.


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